Faux Leather for Bags


We’re seeing it again and again on the runways, from Stella McCartney’s embellished vegan leather hobos and totes, to metallic Marni clutches. Penche produces two artificial leather collections for handbags each year, presented in the spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Our faux leather for bags-- with their high-end detailing, high-quality construction, subtle and various grain, and intrepid designs-- confuse shoppers, who can’t tell if it is genuine or if it isn’t.

They have a the thick, sturdy pliability, or the soft, suppleness and organic grain that are the hallmarks of real leather. Our slouchy bags are deliciously slouchy; in the hand, our synthetics have the resilient feeling of a once-living material-- without the guilt.

And consumers care more about the ethics of what they are wearing than ever. The realistic quality of Penche’s artificial leathers means great variations in texture, finish and an infinity of color. But we’re seeing designers who aren’t even trying to copy real leather. To mimic or not to mimic? Both.At Penche, we believe that imitation leather is growing into a material in its own right instead of an imitation of something else.